Republicans should be deeply embarrassed. Trump is leading a very large field by a huge margin. He is polling at 45% nationally, more than triple his nearest competitor. He still really only has a moderate chance of winning the nomination and a much smaller chance of winning the actual presidency, but that doesn’t change the fact that he currently has nearly half of Republicans behind him in a field of 11 candidates.

Today, Trump decided to unironically retweet a criticism of Jeb Bush from a neo-nazi who is calling for “white genocide”. It makes Romney’s 47 percent statement look tame. But for Trump, this is just another bit of nonsense in a very, very long line of insane actions.

Republicans: whether or not Trump wins the nomination, the fact that it has come to this should be shameful to you. Your party is off the rails. You are the only major political party in a first-world country to deny climate change. You have debates about who would be better at at starting a war with Russia and China. You frequently invoke mythology into political discourse as a reason for tax schemes, war, and government intrusion into bedrooms. For the past seven years, you have accomplished absolutely nothing politically in your never-ending hatred of and opposition to Obama.

Trump is a symbol. But he’s not a symbol of how terrible politics has become or how much people distrust politicians. He’s a symbol of how fractured and insane the Republican party is.


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