The Extreme Positions of Ted Cruz

Though it is growing increasingly unlikely that Cruz will be the GOP nomination, it’s rather frightening that he has come this close. As I run down his positions on various policies, I find myself strongly disagreeing with him on nearly every position he takes. A few of them, like his anti-abortion and anti-same-sex marriage positions I have covered before. But some others deserve a brief mention as well.

1.  Taxation

On taxes and his strict opposition to the minimum wage, Cruz shows his true colors as a defender of the ultra-wealthy. His proposals to completely eliminate the estate tax and to implement a flat tax are downright evil. With wealth and income inequality at incredibly high levels, doing either of those would be catastrophic. Though Cruz refuses to actually choose a number for his flat tax rate, any amount that wouldn’t financially cripple the US government would be a dramatic increase for a huge portion of Americans while simultaneously severely cutting the tax rate for the wealthy.

Ironically, even though a flat tax rate would raise taxes on millions of Americans, Ted Cruz signed the extremist anti-tax pledge of Norquist. I don’t pretend to know how he makes sense of that contradiction.

2.  Education

Not only has Cruz refused to address the growing college student debt problem in any substantive manner, he has proposed completely demolishing the United States Department of Education.

3.  Healthcare

Though Cruz has once again refused to give any details or even a general proposal for his health care plan, he adamantly opposes the ACA. Multiple times he has attempted (and once successfully) to shut down the government in his quest to repeal it. By simply opposing it without providing an alternative plan, he has firmly established himself as an obstructionist.

4.  The Supreme Court

Further cementing his position as an obstructionist, Cruz refuses to do his Constitutional duty to provide advice and consent regarding the most recent Supreme Court nominee. He also held that states should not follow the Supreme Court ruling on same-sex marriage and supported Kim Davis, who refused to perform her duty as a government employee based on her personal opposition to the ruling.

All this not only speaks to his stubborn obstructionism and refusal to reach across the aisle, it also contradicts his frequent claims that he is a great defender of the Constitution.

5.  Climate Change

Joining nearly all of his Republican colleagues, Cruz flatly denies humanity’s contribution to climate change, despite voting for an amendment stating that climate change itself is real. He likened environmental activists concerned with climate change to flat-earthers, people who believe the planet is flat rather than round. His refusal to listen to scientific experts in favor of his wealthy oil and gas SuperPAC donors speaks volumes for his inability to rationally and objectively approach important subjects.

6. Fascism

With all the people comparing Trump to Hitler, Cruz is adamant that he also be compared in the same manner. Following the tragic attacks in Belgium, he stated, “We need to empower law enforcement to patrol and secure Muslim neighborhoods before they become radicalized.”

Let’s just for a moment remove the word “Muslim” there, the world’s second largest religion, and replace it with the world’s largest religion. Even though Christian terrorists commit more acts of terrorism than Muslims in the US, can you imagine a politician proposing active policing and targeting in “Christian neighborhoods”?

Cruz is a fascist, xenophobic hate-monger. He embodies the worst of the extremist wing of the Republican party, choosing to divide our country rather than unite it. I have a strong aversion to Trump, but thank goodness he’s beating Cruz.


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